Beautiful hair is a person’s calling card.

The surrounding people admire the thick, elastic, shiny strands that adorn the appearance. But hair loss, deterioration of their quality, the appearance of dandruff are not uncommon in the modern world, and bad ecology, stress, improper nutrition, and disturbances in the functioning of the body are involved. Moreover, the situation can worsen in a very short time, and no cosmetic products will help to radically fix it.

As soon as a person notes the occurrence of any problems with the scalp or hair, one should not experiment with shampoos and masks, but immediately contact a trichologist (trichology is one of the areas of dermatovenerology that deals with hair and problems such as baldness, brittle hair, dandruff, itching, burning, redness, dryness or oily scalp).

All our patients are provided with a thorough, 90-minute consultation to comprehensively assess your concerns with a qualified trichologist. We assess your hair ad scalp, lifestyle, styling history and medical history holistically to reach the most accurate diagnosis and explain the best path forward. Within each session, a consultant will:

For some patients, it only takes a few treatments before the results start to show. However, we consider every patient on a case-by-case basis and, where follow-up appointments are needed, we will schedule accordingly.


At Menny Royal Hair Clinic, you can be assured of the best treatment for real results.

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