Bio Keratin Collagen Rich Hair Treatment Mask (with Organic Fruit Stem Cells)


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Bio Keratin Collagen Rich Hair Treatment Mask deeply penetrate to nourish, repair and restore for improved strength and elasticity.

Containing natural moringa oil, integrated with varied vitamin, proteins and mineral substance.Its formulation is nature gently ingredients ,it can also used by pregnant woman and baby.
This formula enriches with Collagen, deep penetrates and revitalizes damaged hair cuticle, restoring hair to natural gross.

Its balance PH .Its smoothing action makes curly,coarse and rebel hair easier to manage.With all natural ingredients, the Bio Keratin Collagen hair repair is great for client with a sensitive scalp or conditions such as psoriasis .it enhances and protects cosmetic colors.It gets rid of split ends and facilitates smoothing action ,leaving hair brilliant, softening, milky, elasticity!