The oxygen therapy machine carries pure, 90-96% concentrated oxygen to the skin, and literally causes it to take a breath of air that speeds up the renewal process, stimulating youthfulness. It is a non-invasive procedure with no side effects: the use of transdermal oxygen is also of interest to the world of Trichology, because it can stimulate the speed of hair regrowth, making the hair thicker and more full. Oxygen provides the fuel that is needed to build hair. Without enough oxygen, it can make us sluggish and irritable, and our skin absorbs oxygen like a sponge, even on our heads. Therefore, inhaling oxygen-enriched air is important because oxygen energises and revitalises body and mind, preventing cell degeneration and helps with cell regeneration, as well as improving how your skin and hair look. Oxygen therapy is effective against the symptoms of various scalp problems. Whatever the scalp problem, it significantly reduces the healing and recovery time.You can see and feel an improvement in the condition of the scalp after the first treatment, but we recommend a full course of 5-10 sessions depending on the problem, during which the scalp and hair follicles will be able to regenerate and regain maximum vitality. •Reduces hair loss •Revitalises damaged and weak hair •Helps to improve chemically treated hair •Instantly moisturises the scalp •Improves the functioning of the sebaceous glands, thereby eliminating the symptoms of Scalp problems caused by inadequate sebum production, such as dry and itchy scalp,Dandruff and dry hair •Deeply nourishes, replenishing cells from the inside with valuable active ingredients •The scalp regains its moisture content •Promotes cell regeneration – stabilises the skin’s pH •Gently exfoliates the scalpWhen oxygen intake is reduced, the body’s oxygen transport system can be disrupted and less oxygen is available for transportation to the cells in our body. Menny Royal Hair Clinic Oxygen Scalp Therapy is the perfect solution for natural hair growth. By infusing oxygen directly to hair cells, this exclusive treatment gives the scalp the oxygen it needs to regenerate, helping to boost the body’s natural hair growth for a healthier scalp and hair.The treatment also helps to restore the scalp and hair to a balanced healthier state.

The procedure takes 60minutes.
Cost : ₦56,578.00