INTENSIVE HAIR ROOT THERAPY is a unique agent against hair loss, which fights the loss of hair and stimulates new growth.
INTENSIVE HAIR ROOT THERAPY increases blood flow and aerates the scalp. The product contains the exact composition of vitamins, amino acids and minerals needed to optimise benefits from the body’s metabolism.

This therapy ensures permanent bioavailability and thus optimises the production of keratin proteins. The treatment ensures the exact composition of amino acids needed for healthy hair, and is an essential component of anti-hair loss agents.


•Treating non-genetic hair loss

•Repairing and stimulating hair that has been damaged by environmental factors such as sun and pollution

•Reducing hair loss

•Removes dandruff and the sebaceous glands and treats thin and lifeless hair.

Advantages of this Treatment:is an effective and well-founded treatment that works through eight stages. This makes it stand out from other treatments that have fewer focus areas.

•Stimulates the micro circulation

•Affects 5a-reductase inhibitors

•Regulates the production of tallow

•Nourishes the hair roots

•Increases the thickness of the hair strands

•Rebuilds the cuticles

•Strengthens the medulla

•Makes the hair glossy

This procedures takes 30 minutes – 90 minutes.

Treatment Frequency : Once a week for ten weeks
Cost : ₦ 136,450.00 – Per session