This Therapy uses a Dermatology protocol to infuse hair growth technology into the scalp. It is a scalp therapy for follicle stimulation and regeneration of hair loss. It is very effective in reducing hair loss and hair fall.

You will be seated/Laying comfortably in a cushion chair/bed while the specialist is doing the therapy.

Key advantage:
•Premium medical-grade growth factors; with anti-inflammatory properties to relieve scalp conditions such as psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, itchy/scaling scalp.
•Increase scalp blood flow and microcirculation, activating skin for a better absorption
•Regulate sebum production & pH levels
•Strengthen hair follicles & reduce hair fall
•Restore volume to thinning hair loss
•Increases nutrient supply to stimulate & accelerate hair growth
•Repairs and improves hair shaft quality

This procedure is non-invasive, non-thermal, relaxing and comfortable and It takes 90 mins.

Cost : ₦78,789.00