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AQUA PUNCH Treatment is an ultra-soothing and calming treatment for the scalp. It uses an O2 jet gun to infuse cooling stem cell growth factors uniformly into each follicle. This process unclogs pores, eradicates dead skin cells and intensely hydrates the scalp.

Increased hair fall in Ayurveda is termed as khalitya and is classified under shiroroga. Menny Royal Hair clinic provides authentic ayurvedic treatment for hair loss.

Bio Therapy injections trigger natural hair growth and maintain it by increasing blood supply to the hair follicle and increasing the thickness of the hair shaft.

This Korean Hair loss Treatment works as the trichologist activates hair follicles by directly injecting medication containing six growth factors and active ingredients, such as hormone regularing follecule activation and growth factor, into the hair loss area.

This Therapy uses a Dermatology protocol to infuse hair growth technology into the scalp. It is a scalp therapy for follicle stimulation and regeneration of hair loss. It is very effective in reducing hair loss and hair fall.

If you are worried about hair loss then you can try Hijama therapy.Performing cupping therapy on the scalp, can help open the follicles and promote blood circulation to help maintain the hair. This only applies to follicles that are still active. Hijama also helps you to regain the nourishment of hair, due to the use of chemicals in hair.

A large percentage of mena and women over 50 complain of hair loss, but just because thinning is natural doesn’t mean you have to accept it. Indiba Scalp Therapy Hair Loss Treatment stimulates the nutritional elements and oxygen that the hair needs for growth, increases its elasticity as a result of increased supply of keratin to long fibres in the cortex and increases the diameter of the hair itself.Indiba Scalp Therapy Hair Loss Treatment is a non-evasive radiofrequency based treatment for the scalp.

INTENSIVE HAIR ROOT THERAPY is a unique agent against hair loss, which fights the loss of hair and stimulates new growth. INTENSIVE HAIR ROOT THERAPY increases blood flow and aerates the scalp. The product contains the exact composition of vitamins, amino acids and minerals needed to optimise benefits from the body’s metabolism.

Jet scaling are an all-natural, painless and gentle treatment that helps to clean, exfoliate, oxygenate and nourish the scalp and hair follicles.

The oxygen therapy machine carries pure, 90-96% concentrated oxygen to the skin, and literally causes it to take a breath of air that speeds up the renewal process, stimulating youthfulness.

Ozone therapy have germicidal effects that help eliminate flaking and itching by destroying fungus and harmful bacteria without causing any damage to the scalp skin and hair. Ozone therapy also improves blood circulation, stimulate hair follicles and encourage hair growth.

Experience the power of Korean scalp care and let your hair shine again! Scalp scaling is a five-step deep exfoliation of your scalp to get rid of any buildup to allow your hair to grow strong and healthy.

We provide Hair Loss and Scalp solutions that Tailored to your individual needs that will have feeling as confident and youthful as ever. Revitalizing happy scalps since 2016!
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