If you are looking for advice, reliable information and professional support from a doctor specializing in trichology, this service is just for you!

An online consultation is held remotely via Zoom video link.


Online consultations are perfect for anyone needing the help of a trichologist but is unable to attend the clinic for reasons such as health issues or travel. This enables you to have the best trichology service, wherever you are in Africa or abroad, from the comfort of your own home.


Online consultations are equally as thorough in the information taken from you and the advice given, and teamed with images and an online examination, a preliminary diagnosis can be given leading to a treatment plan and advice just the same as an in person consultation.


How will this work:

Your Trichologist understands that a lot of information can be difficult to digest at one time, so everything that is covered during the consultation will be sent directly to you by email. This way you have the information to hand and can therefore read and process at your convenience.


If there are any further questions you may have forgotten to ask then you can contact your Trichologist at any time.

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