Pursuing Excellence in Hair HealthCare

Pursuing Excellence in Hair HealthCare

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“Way too often, you have no clue why you’re losing your hair. That can be an alarming experience. At Menny Royal Trichology Clinic you’ll have the option to learn how your Hormone Levels, balance of Minerals and Nutrients and even the presence of toxic Heavy Metals are affecting your situation.”

Menny Royal

Ailments we address:

• CCC Alopecia • Dermatitis • Psoriasis • Trichotillomania • Thinning/Breakage • Weak Hair Fibers • Folluculitis (Inflammation) • Lichen Planus • Stress Induced Hair Loss • Nutritional Deficiencies • Hormonal Imbalances • Excess DHT (loss hormone) • Excess Dandruff • Male Pattern Baldness • Female Pattern Baldness • General Scalp Health

Many hair concerns are symptoms of a larger issue that lies inside the body

We are experts in providing solution for scalp-Hair loss.





Time is Follicle

Menny Royal Trichology Clinic was founded by Board Certified Trichologist, Holistic Nutritionist Practitioner and Paediatric Trichologist Dr. Loveth J’A, formerly a Hair Loss Researcher Specialist for an industry-leading Health Research company. She combined her passion for holistic wellness with entrepreneurship and birthed a growing titan in the Trichology industry. To bring our brand of Hair Therapy to as many people as possible, the company is rapidly expanding into the e-commerce space as well as strategizing toward adding more brick & mortar clinics across the continental AFRICA Stay tuned!


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